General Device and Mobile App Troubleshooting


General Troubleshooting

Step data flows from your third party app/device to the Walkingspree website and then from there to the Walkingspree mobile app. Always check if you have steps in third party app first, ie Garmin Connect/Fitbit/Apple Health/Google Fit mobile app first. If you do have steps there, then check the Walkingspree website after you complete a sync. If you have steps in the Walkingspree website, but not the mobile app, please check your app settings as below. If your settings are correct, please try changing your data/wifi settings in the mobile app. Toggle off sync with wifi and toggle on sync with data to check if you might have spotty wifi or blocked access through your employer wifi.

For Fitbit and Garmin users, the mobile app auto updates steps every 15 minutes. 

If you are using Google Fit/Apple Health, the app will do a forced update when you open it. You can then update again if it's still not fully updated by pulling down on the dashboard to update steps.

Google Fit Troubleshooting

Apple Health Troubleshooting

Fitbit Troubleshooting

Garmin Troubleshooting

Third Party Device Compatability


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