Connect Fitbit to Walkingspree

Install Walkingspree App from Google Play/App Store

If you received a Fitbit from Walkingspree. Once you receive the Fitbit in the mail, follow the steps to create a Fitbit account and setup your Fitbit device. Once completed, it will prompt you to connect your Fitbit account to Walkingspree.

If you did not receive your Fitbit from Walkingspree, you will still need to ensure you have created a Fitbit account/software and your device is registered to Fitbit.

Then to connect your Fitbit/Walkingspree account, follow the steps below.

Looking for Advanced Troubleshooting?

1.In Walkingspree app menu - click on Connect Device. (don't have a mobile app?)

2.Select Fitbit.

3.Click Connect Fitbit.

4.It will prompt you to login to your Fitbit account with Fitbit email/password.

5.Steps, Activity and exercise, profile, Fitbit devices and settings must remain checked. Click allow.

6.Click Done

7.Click back arrow

8.Click menu options

9.Data is automatically sent throughout day to Walkingspree. Click on Dashboard to do a forced sync

If you do not see steps in Walkingspree, always double check your steps are showing in your Fitbit mobile app/Fitbit desktop site first. If the steps are not showing there, then the issue is syncing between your Fitbit device and Fitbit. Only after the steps have gone to Fitbit, will Walkingspree receive the steps. Double check that your Bluetooth is on, on your phone.




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