Lost Fitbit

Did you know that Walkingspree provides $15 off the MSRP pricing to obtain a new Fitbit at a discounted price. Your employer may also provide an additional subsidy to purchase a Fitbit product. We would recommend replacing your device by logging into Walkingspree and clicking on STORE in the menu.

In the meantime you can use your mobile phone to track steps (Android - Google Fit, iOS - Apple Health). However, our statistics show that mobile phone users on average experience approximately 2,000 average less steps than those wearing Activity Trackers. So we would recommend replacing your device as soon as possible to ensure optimal steps for your program challenges and goals.

When you replace your Fitbit, please DO NOT create a new Fitbit account but login to your existing Fitbit account and register your new device. If you are already connected to Walkingspree with Fitbit, nothing needs to change.


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