Google Fit for Android Devices

Install Google Fit if you don't already have it installed.

Install Walkingspree (New) App from Google Play (you need the most recent app for this to work)

Connect to Google Fit in Walkingspree App

(For Google Fit Troubleshooting)

Minimum requirements:

  • Any Android phone running on a 4.3 (jelly bean) operating system or later will connect with Google Fit.
  • To determine what version is running on your device, select Apps > Settings > About phone. Your software version will be listed under System Version in this menu. This version will change with each update or upgrade that you install.
  • Google Fit is found in the Google Play store.

NOTE: Nexus phones with Android 7 may not be compatible with Google Fit/Walkingspree at this point.

1.In app menu, click on Connect Device

2.Select Google Fit

3.Click on Connect Google Fit. 

4.Fit account info. It will bring up a popup.  Select your account that has Google Fit data.

5.Click Allow

6.Leave toggled on “app with the highest steps”

7.Data is automatically sent over to Walkingspree periodically throughout the day. To do a forced sync, pull down on Walkingspree mobile app dashboard.


NOTE: Data added manually will not transfer to Walkingspree as this is considered to be non validated data.

Google Fit Troubleshooting

When troubleshooting Google Fit, it's important to recognize that there are many variables to consider. If someone is using a third party app or Activity Tracker to connect to Google Fit and then connect to Walkingspree, the settings are very important to reduce error. It's also important to recognize that Walkingspree has no control over third party apps or Activity Trackers and they frequently update their apps which can then cause issues in data flow to Google Fit and subsequently to Walkingspree.


Compatible Apps/Devices:


Google Fit Settings to check: google-fit-1.gif

1. In Google Fit, click on settings - scroll down and check that activity detection is toggled on.

2. Double check that you don't have other apps connected to Google Fit, ie. MapMyRun, Runkeeper or any other GPS based fitness program. These will show up on the timeline in Google Fit if a run has been completed and often show a map, etc. These programs use GPS to measure distance and Walkingspree will not capture any steps from activity transferred from a GPS based app to Google Fit.

3. You can also check what other apps are connected to Google Fit by going to Settings, scroll down until you see connected apps, click on that and see what it shows as being connected. This may be important for the Walkingspree app settings. See below.

4. If you manually log an activity in Google Fit, that will not transfer over to validated steps in Walkingspree but will show up under logged exercise for distance and calories burned only.

If all that is confirmed and your steps still don't match in Walkingspree and Google Fit or are not transferring, please submit a support ticket at


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