About the INSPIRE



The Inspire weighs in at just 0.317 oz (nine g), so you'll find it light and convenient to wear. Clip Inspire on clothing or wear it as a wristband.

We’ve designed Inspire for Bluetooth 4.0, delivering advanced technology and reliability. Upload individual information wirelessly via iPhone 4S or newer iPhone or PC, or assign a common PC as a kiosk to accept data from hundreds of Inspire users at one central location. The INSPIRE holds data for 30 days but a daily sync is recommended (in case of loss).

Inspire’s easy-to-read on-screen display displays:


Step count. This will show up in your Walkingspree dashboard.

Calories burned. This will show up in your Walkingspree dashboard.

Distance walked. This will show up in your Walkingspree dashboard.

Walking time in minutes. This will show up in your Walkingspree dashboard.

Percent of personal target achieved. This will show up in your Walkingspree dashboard. This will only show if you have set a personal target on your dashboard page.

Percent of corporate goal achieved. The default for this is 10,000 steps/day unless your company has specified otherwise. They will match your congratulatory emails.


How to wear the Inspire

The Inspire can be worn:
1. on it’s own
2. in clip with lanyard
3. on the wrist using the wristband.

You might have to try different locations to see what works the best for you in terms of accuracy.


The Inspire is water resistant, but not waterproof. Do not wear your Inspire during activities when it might get wet.

Be sure to use the lanyard when using the belt clip to prevent loss. Loop the string through the belt clip a couple of times. Attach the other end to your clothing.

Charging your Inspire Battery

-When the battery power is low, the 10% battery mark will show to remind you to charge your battery.

-It takes about one to two hours to recharge an empty battery. You can charge more frequently for shorter time periods to provide enough battery life until you can do a longer charge (this may shorten battery life). You can charge using a wall plug adaptor in addition to a computer.

-A full battery will last a minimum of 3 days, but will typically last 5-7 days.

To charge the battery, plug the Inspire into the PC Computer via the USB cable. The indicator will show the charge level.

Note: Even if the Tracker is not in use, please charge the battery at least once a month to prolong battery life.

Inspire Care & Maintenance

- To prevent fire or shock hazard, disconnect your unit from the USB port of power source when cleaning.

- The finish on the unit may be cleaned with a dust cloth and cared for as other furniture, Use caution when cleaning and wiping the plastic parts.

- If the cabinet becomes dusty, wipe it with a soft dry dust cloth. Do not use any wax or polish sprays on the device.

- If the front panel becomes dirty or smudged with fingerprints it may be cleaned with a soft cloth slightly dampened with a mild soap and water solution.

Never use abrasive cloths or polishes as these will damage the finish of your unit.

CAUTION: Never allow any water or other liquids to get inside the unit while cleaning.

Syncing your Inspire

 The Inspire uploads via a bluetooth dongle that must be plugged into your PC. You must be within 20 feet of the dongle. The dongle sends out a signal every 10 minutes, so you must be within range of the dongle at some point during that 10 minute span.

SOFTWARE DOWNLOAD (based on your dongle color)








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