Read First Before Using Your INSPIRE with NAVY BLUE DONGLE

It is very important that you register your Inspire as soon as you receive it.

Do not switch over to your INSPIRE mid day from your previous Omron if you have one, as the system will only take steps from the device with the higher number of steps. You would need more steps on your INSPIRE to do a successful sync on your first day.

1. You must have a Walkingspree account  and access to the internet before you can setup your account. You will need your account username and password to register your device.

2. Uninstall all previous versions of INSPIRE Software on your computer.

3. The first time you plug in your INSPIRE during software installation, it may take up to 2 minutes for your computer to initialize the device. Please wait for this process to be completed before clicking the Register Device Option.

4. Turning your laptop on after it has gone into sleep/hibernation mode may put your INSPIRE software in sleep mode. Unplug and plug your dongle back in to "wake" up the software.

Software Setup

Your dongle must be plugged in to sync steps (or near another computer with a dongle). It will automatically sync every 10 minutes. (If your computer goes to sleep/hibernation, your device will not sync if you leave it overnight. You must have your computer on and and active in order for it to charge or sync)



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