Walkingspree INSPIRE with NAVY BLUE Dongle Install (v2.0.0 Software)

It is very important that you register your Inspire as soon as you receive it. This is because, first time registration will set the time on your device and will delete all previous steps in the device.

Activating the INSPIRE

Press and hold down the button to activate the Inspire. The progress bar will change from empty to full to indicate full activation.

Your Inspire will not arrive fully charged.

Uninstall all previous versions of INSPIRE and Omron Software. The first time you plug in your INSPIRE, it can take up to 2 minutes for your device to initialize via usb. You must wait for this to complete before attempting registration or you will receive a Device not Found error.

Install the PC software at:

The Inspire is compatible with PC's. It will work on Windows XP (Service Pack 3), Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. There is an iPhone app that works for iPhone 4S and newer. An Android release is coming soon.

The screenshots below will walk you through the process in case you need additional help.

Software Install

To check status of your current software

Right click on the round green icon in your lower right taskbar and select version.

WS Inspire Version

Walkingspree Inspire Bluetooth Setup



Walkingspree Inspire Bluetooth Setup

Device Driver Install

First time Device Install

You may see this screen in your lower right taskbar, letting you know that your device is installing a driver. You may also see a spinning icon in your lower right taskbar showing it is installing the driver. This can take up to two minutes the first time you plug in your INSPIRE.

Windows Security

Walkingspree Inspire Bluetooth Setup

Device Registration

Plug in INSPIRE via USB cord

Enter Walkingspree Username and Password

Walkingspree Inspire Setup

Plug in NAVY BLUE Dongle

This software will work with the INSPIRE 1401, 1403 and 1407 as long as you use the Navy Blue Dongle. This software will not work with the Black Dongle. See for the black dongle software.

Registration successful and sync in progress

Now, log into your Walkingspree account to ensure your steps are showing. It can take up to 1 minute before your steps will show on your account. The first upload of the day will have a 15 minute delay. All uploads for the rest of the day are real time.

You must be within 20 feet of the dongle. The dongle sends out a signal every 10 minutes, so you must be within range of the dongle at some point during that 10 minute span.


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