Charging your Inspire

Charging your Inspire Battery

-When the battery power is low, the 10% battery mark will show to remind you to charge your battery. You can charge via a wall outlet or your computer. We do not recommend charging for more than 1 1/5 hrs.

-It takes about one to two hours to recharge an empty battery. You can charge more frequently for shorter time periods to provide enough battery life until you can do a longer charge (this may shorten battery life).

-A full battery will last a minimum of 3 days, but will typically last 5-7 days.

To charge the battery, plug the Inspire into the PC Computer via the USB cable. The indicator will show the charge level.

Note: Even if the Tracker is not in use, please charge the battery at least once a month to prolong battery life.

If you have no display on your device, leave it overnight and then the next day, try charging it in a wall charger and then plugging it into your computer. If that does not resolve it, please submit a ticket.


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