Defective Fitbit

We are sorry you are experiencing difficulty with your Fitbit. Unfortunately, Walkingspree cannot replace defective Fitbits so we need you to please contact Fitbit via the form below to troubleshoot and see if they can provide you with a replacement Fitbit.

 Please provide to them:

1. Full name.
2. Date you received your Fitbit
3. The email associated with their Fitbit account. This is VERY important. Log in and out of Fitbit to ensure you are sending the correct email.
4. State that you are in Walkingspree with your company name.


Fitbit customer service representatives will be happy to troubleshoot and/or replace as needed.


If this does not resolve your issue, please reply to re-open this ticket. I'm sure they'll have you up and walking again in no time.


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    sandi watkins

    Good Morning, I have had my Fitbit for a couple of months now and it will not keep the correct time. What can I do? Thank you, Sandi Watkins

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    Anu Kulangara

    I been gone through same problem. what can I do? Anu Kulangara

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