Setting Date and Time on Omron 324

img: open pedometer coverBattery, Time & Weight Settings

Click on the images below (they will open in a new browser window) that will walk you through the process quickly or you can download the full Omron HJ-324U Instruction Manual.

NOTE: Your pedometer comes with the battery installed. To activate it, press the MEM and SET or MEM and MODE button. Hold the button down until you see flashing options.


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Setting the Stride Length

If you want to calculate a more accurate stride length, you can follow the instructions in this downloadable Omron HJ-324U Instruction Manual.

Wearing the Pedometer & Attaching the Lanyard

It is very important to use your lanyard to prevent loss of your pedometer. The best location to wear your pedometer is in your pocket and not with the clip on your belt. Even if you use the clip or wear it in your pocket, it is always recommended that you use the lanyard. This will prevent it from falling off.



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