The battery lasts approximately 5-7 months and is a CR2032 battery found at most drug stores. Many participants find that the Energizer or Panasonic battery works well. Similarly, many users find that Rayovac batteries do not work well. You can also purchase 2 OEM batteries from Walkingspree for $5.50 including shipping by calling Customer Support or purchasing via the member shopping cart once logged into your Walkingspree account (STORE in the green menu).

When the battery is removed from the unit, the time of day and the data stored in the memory for the current hour will be deleted. The weight, stride length setting and the data stored in the memory up to the previous hour will not be deleted. The current day is automatically stored in the memory when the time reaches 12:00AM. Do not replace the battery at 12:00AM. For example: If you remove the battery at 11:59PM and replace the battery at 12:01AM the data for the previous day will be stored as the current day.

When the Battery Indicator appears on the display screen remove the old battery.

NOTE: When the battery indicator starts to blink, the unit stops counting, and the time is displayed as "--:--".

Take the battery out with a thin stick that is not easily breakable.

• DO NOT use a pair of metal tweezers or a screwdriver.
• Replace with a new CR2032 battery.
• Dispose of battery according to applicable local regulations.

NOTE: Setup a reminder in your calendar, outlook, etc. in advance, 5 months after you receive your pedometer to replace your pedometer battery. You will see a flashing symbol that looks like an infinity symbol but is actually a rectangle with an x through it (note: this is not the flashing BI symbol.). There is only a short time before seeing this symbol and the battery dying.


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