Setting Goals

The Walkingspree website has a default program step goal of 6,000 steps/day. This is equivalent to the CDC recommendation of 30 minutes of activity, five out of seven days per week. Some clients have custom program goal. Your program goal will show up the dashboard, in your calendar as well as mobile app and INSPIRE.

NOTE: The default program goal used to be 10,000 steps/day. This was changed to 6,000 steps/day September 2015. We recommend a long term goal to reach 10,000 steps/day.

Setting goals & targets plays a big role in achieving what it is you set out to do. Whether it's weight loss, or improving health, having set goals will enhance your progress. Your first week is a baseline week. We recommend that you not change your diet or activity drastically in your first week of using the pedometer. Depending on your current activity level, a good rule of thumb is to start with a 20-40% increase in steps each week and slowly build up your step count. You can set your step, aerobic step, distance and weight target under My Goals on your dashboard.

The other way to see your step data is to go to the Activity Tracker link and from there there are drop downs to view your data over the week. If you mouse over the bar graphs, your step data for each time frame by date and hour will show up.



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