Some people have wondered why there is variation in distance between people and with other equipment such as treadmills.

There will be variation of distance in a pedometer. This is because distance is calculated by your stride length x the number of steps you take. If your stride length (which is estimated from your height) is off, then it will affect your distance. If you are walking faster than usual or running, that will also impact your stride length. Participants who like to keep a more accurate distance, will often change their stride length in the pedometer (applicable to Omron pedometers only) before a run to a running stride and then after a run, re-enter the walking stride. Where as the distance on a treadmill is measured literally by the number of revolutions the tread has turned around and is not really related to your actual walking stride. Stride length is also impacted by height so that will also cause variation in distances. If someone has entered their height or stride length incorrectly, that will also give an incorrect distance.

Having said all that, distance is only used for personal data. It is not used for challenges (not even virtual walks), nor in company programs, nor does it impact your step count. Your step count is still accurate.So most people do not worry about variations in distance.

Happy Stepping! 

Walkingspree Team


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