Pedometer Setup & PC Installation (Omron HJ720IT)

This is referencing the Omron HJ720IT

You can download the software to your computer at You can also find the link once logged into the Walkingspree website under the HELP menu. This software is installed on your computer and is how you upload your pedometer data to the Walkingspree website. You do not need to go to this link again once the software is installed.


NOTE: The suggested Youtube videos the end of the video are not affiliated with Walkingspree in any way. Youtube randomly displays videos that share similar words in a title to display other video choices.


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    Phyllis Tanner

    You guys are killing me.  Why is there no quick link to download your software?

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    Walkingspree Team

    Hi Phyllis,

    There is a link to the software in this post in the first line. I've pasted it here again

    Happy Stepping!

    Walkingspree Team

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    Linda Lewis
    I find it very user unfriendly when it comes to downloading. I have yet to be able to do this and I am hoping once I find the time it won't be so burdensome
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    Ashlee Hansen

    The above link states Page Not Found.  Now what?


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    Jeffrey Sutter

    The walkingspree uploader keeps telling me that the version I am using is out of date and does not provide the information needed for upload. How can I get a updated version of the software. This link just downloads the same that I have with the same issue? 

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    Duncan Henry

    I'm getting the same error as Jeffrey Sutter; it worked on a co-worker's pc but not mine.  We both have Win7, the only difference is that hers is 32-bit and mine is the 64-bit edition.

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    Donovan Iafrate

    Frustrated, emailed for help two times. No help.

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