Samsung Wear Gear Connection

If you have a Samsung Gear Watch, you can now connect to Walkingspree by using the app Health Sync.

1. Install Google Fit from Google Play.

2. Open it and click on menu - settings - scroll down and turn OFF Activity Detection.

3. Install Health Sync from Google Play (please note that the Health Sync app offers a free trial and then has a fee to use)

You must select sync to Google Fit for the Sync Direction.

4. Check Steps (Gear devices)

5. In top right menu - select settings - You can increase the number of times to sync per hour if you want.


6. If you want to verify data, click on menu - steps log - and it will show you a breakdown of your Gear steps going to Google Fit.

Note that any steps tracked in S Gear using GPS or as Exercises will not transfer to Walkingspree.

If you choose not to use this method, you can install Google Fit on your app and use the native Google Fit app to track your steps and send to Walkingspree.


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