Your Activity

"Your Activity"  menu item allows you to view All Steps (if applicable), Activity, Log Activity, Food and Badges.

All Steps 

This menu option only shows for clients with converted step counts from log activity. The logged steps (from Log Activity) are added to the Tracker Steps. NOTE: Logged steps are not fed into Teams or Challenges Step data.


You can view your data by different date ranges as well as by total steps, active time, distance and calories burned.


Log Activity

Select Add Activity

Select from the drop down the activity. Be aware of potential double counting. If you are wearing an Activity Tracker, then many of these activities will be already counted by your tracker. 

Select DATE, START TIME of ACTIVITY AND DURATION. Note:Duration is in hours and minutes. Distance is not required.

Click Add Activity.


Click the + button beside the meal you want to add the food item to.

Search for your food. Try a specific search, ie., whole wheat bread and then more broad if you aren't finding what you are looking for. Average All Brands will give generic options. Select the food item you want.

Select the serving type and number of servings. Select Add.

It will now show up in your list of foods consumed for that day. You can edit as needed by clicking edit button. You can also move to a different meal by pressing, holding down and moving to different meal category.



Badges will show your Activity Badges, recent Challenge Badges and Prestige Badges.

NOTE: The share on Facebook function is not currently working.





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