The Dashboard shows:

Program Goal Steps - If this has been recently changed by your administrator, it can take up to 24 hrs to update in your mobile app.

Steps Taken - Your steps taken so far for the day. This may be reflecting the last update that your device sent to Walkingspree. To ensure you have real time steps, confirm you have recent steps in Fitbit app/Garmin Connect App/Apple Health/Google Fit and then pull down on the dashboard screen to update steps.

Personal Goal - Shows % achieved of your own personal goal

Calorie Zone - Shows calories burned from activity plus calories burned just by being alive, varies with gender and weight. If you burn more than 3500 calories in a week than you consume, you will lose 1 lb/week.

Shopping Cart - Coming Soon, you'll be able to shop for your Activity Tracker by clicking the Cart icon.

Device Connected On - The bottom right corner shows the last time your app connected to the app of the Activity Tracker that you are using. See Steps Taken for information on real time syncing.

Activity Tracker - The bottom left screen will show the Activity Tracker, your account last recognized as  being used. If it shows a different tracker than you are currently using, please double check your settings for your Tracker.


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