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Walkingspree Team March 10, 2014 1 Help FAQs / INSPIRE (with black dongle)

Your INSPIRE will correct the time with a forced sync. You can left click on the green round icon in your lower right task bar and click sync now. Stay within range of the dongle for a couple of minutes and your device will correct the time to your computer.

Walkingspree Team August 13, 2011 10 Help FAQs / Defective Devices & Returns

If you have lost or broken your pedometer or other parts, you can purchase directly by logging into to your Walkingspree account and clicking on the STORE menu option in the green menu.


Happy Stepping!

Walkingspree Team

Walkingspree Team May 9, 2011 13 Help FAQs / Omron HJ720

If you find your lost Omron HJ720IT, it is VERY important that you DO NOT upload to your account with it, without contacting Walkingspree support to walk you through the correct process.

Your lost pedometer would have been sitting somewhere collecting days of zeroes and uploading will overwrite any days of steps in your account that you may have uploaded with your new pedometer with zeroes.

Happy Stepping!

Walkingspree Team


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