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Accounts connected but no steps in Walkingspree?

1. Check Fitbit mobile app/Website - If you do not see steps in Walkingspree, always double check your steps are showing in your Fitbit desktop site first. If the steps are not showing there, then the issue is syncing between your Fitbit device and Fitbit. Only after the steps have gone to Fitbit, will Walkingspree receive the steps. Often times when someone buys a replacement Fitbit, they accidentally create a second Fitbit account via the Fitbit mobile app. So please check by logging into the Fitbit desktop if you have steps in the account. If you do not, then you most likely created two accounts and Walkingspree is connected to the wrong Fitbit account. To fix this

2. No steps in Walkingspree mobile app? If you have steps in Fitbit mobile app/website - check if you have steps in Walkingspree website. If you do, then open your mobile app and check your settings above again.  When you open your Walkingspree mobile app, it will show your steps from your previous Fitbit sync. To see the steps from the Fitbit sync you may have just completed, please pull down on the dashboard to pull the steps to the mobile app.

Data flows from Fitbit device to Fitbit websiteapp to Walkingspree website to Walkingspree mobile app. 

3. Check if wifi is causing an issue. In Walkingspree app settings, toggle off wifi and just try syncing with data to see if intermittent wifi is causing issues.

Double check that your Bluetooth is on, on your phone.


1. Log into Fitbit at via desktop and not the mobile app (confirm you have steps and a connected device in this account)

2. Go to gear icon on right hand side and choose settings (it will show you your last sync date. If it does not, your device is not connected to Fitbit or you are in the wrong Fitbit account. Try a different email address for your Fitbit account)

3. in menu on left, click applications 

4. Click Revoke Walkingspree under Walkingspree app section

5. Logout of Fitbit by clicking logout under gear icon (this is important)

Then login to Walkingspree desktop and click on Apps in black menu, then click Fitbit disconnect, then connect and follow steps. It will bring up a popup and at the bottom, show your Fitbit email address, with a "not you?" beside it. If it is your account, allow the connection.

Please confirm that your steps in Fitbit and Walkingspree match. If they do not, please submit a ticket to the Walkingspree Support Desk above.

Step differences between Walkingspree and Fitbit:

Unfortunately Fitbit mobile run or Manual Smart Track from within the Fitbit mobile App (logged exercise with GPS) steps do not transfer to Walkingspree. The Fitbit app uses the GPS distance data combined with your entered stride length to estimate steps and so it is considered non device data. We apologize for this inconvenience. Please do not use Mobile Run or Smart Track logged exercise and instead continue to use your device for your steps.


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