THR Employees - Uploading at Work

if you have a mobile phone, that is your best method to sync your Fitbit.
However, to upload at work, you will install the Fitbit software by using the Software Center:
Ensure your dongle is plugged in.
a) click the “Start” button, click on “All Programs”, click on “Microsoft System Center 2012”,“Configuration Manager, then “Software Center”.

b) Click on the Fitbit install option in the Software Center to install the software to the computer.

c) Once the software is installed and you have an active FitBit account, insert the dongle device in the
work computer
d) Follow the prompts to get the computer to pair (or recognize) your Fitbit device.

e) Go back and check your Walkingspree dashboard to confirm it is receiving your steps information
Be sure you connect Fitbit to Walkingspree:
2. Connect Fitbit to Walkingspree

a. Login to Walkingspree, and click on My Apps in the secondary menu under the green menu.

b. Click Install under Fitbit Synchronization. Follow prompts.
IMPORTANT: If you are sharing computer, be sure that you are clicking allow on your Fitbit account and not someone else's. Always logout of Fitbit and Walkingspree before leaving your computer.


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